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Algonkian Novel Writing Program and WE Novel Development

Between the NWP program modules, editorial consults, sell sheet production, and the new Writer's Edge articles and detailed guides, the aspiring author couldn't have a better chance of producing a marketable commercial or literary novel. 


  1. Novel Writing on Edge - The Algonkian Development Blog

    Writer's Edge Platitudes, entitled amateurism, ego salves, popular delusions, and erroneous information are all conspicuously absent from this website. As the official blog of Algonkian, the mission of the Writer's Edge is to provide you, the aspiring novel or narrative non-fiction author, with the realistic skills and knowledge it takes to succeed in the commercial market of the 21st century.


  2. Art and Life in Novel Writing

    Novel Writing ProgramReporting on lessons learned from books on technique utilized in the novel writing program including "The Art of Fiction" by John Gardner, "Writing the Breakout Novel" by Donald Maass, "Write Away" by Elizabeth George, and "The Writing Life" by Annie Dillard.


  3. Algonkian Novel Writing Courses - Modules And Forums

    Novel Writing CoursesThese forums contain the newly updated narrative, developmental, and editorial courses relevant to the Algonkian Novel Writing Program. Crucial elements analyzed and applied in detail include high-concept premise, counter-trait characters, the Six Act Two-Goal Novel, hooks and core wounds, breakout narrative, set cinema, and far more. All genres. 


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